Property Consultation

Get expert advice on property investment, development, and management.

Unfortunately sometimes things happen in life that we are not forewarned about and we are not sure what is the best route to go down. Things like Divorce, Bereavement, Probate, Repossession, Emigration, Broken sales chain we can find a solution for you to fix things.

We offer a free consultation to discuss which is the best avenue for you (our client) to go down. For piece of mind, we work on a contractual basis to outline key element within each deal. 

Once we find a solution for you it's up to you how much hands free you want to be. We can do it all or as little as you want.

We also offer a quick sale service so if you are in need of funds  and want to sell it there is no need to advertise it on a selling site. Leave it with us and we will find a buyer and you could be paid out in as little as 4 weeks with no fees to pay to us for our service.


Tenant Placement

One of our services is Rent to Rent. So if you have problems selling your property and it's been on the market a long time we can rent it from you. Or if you want to keep the property but you want nothing to do with it effectively hands free we can fix that too. We will do all the safety checks to make sure it's suitable for a tenant. We would pay you a fee and the tenant would then pay us rent.  We would do all the checks to make sure the tenant is suitable. 


Maintenance Co-ordination

We'll take care of all the minor maintenance and repairs, ensuring your property stays in top condition. We provide and keep up with all the certificates needed to protect the tenants.

We would inspect the property regularly and keep up with minor maintenance jobs. The structural repairs would be for the vendor/homeowners responsibility.